Héctor Serrano | Ursula y Violeta
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Ursula y Violeta

A project directed by Héctor Serrano

Designed by students of the Master in Product Design at the UCH-CEU.


Coffee is probably one of the most social and popular drinks in our society, it has become the perfect partner in numerous situations: A chat with a friend, a goodbye, a welcome, a love declaration, etc… The phrase “let’s meet for coffee” has become the default sentence to meet someone even if you are not having coffee. The social aspect is in fact as important as the drink itself! Ursula y Violeta explores the most social, emotional and human side of objects surrounding coffee and the situations created around it. Presented are a collection of everyday objects that provoke social interaction on a natural and simple manner, with familiar situations interpreted in an unexpected way. The objects create the scenes of a story where two characters, Ursula and Violeta are friends that have not seen each other for some time, then meet again and spend long afternoons chatting, laughing, crying and gossiping.


Photography: Mocho

Stylist: Magda Cano

Stylist assistant: Chayto lleó

Models: Sae as Ursula y María Alabau as Violeta

Ilustrations: Sae

Producción: Mateu Nadal