Héctor Serrano | Frombitstoatoms
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A project directed by Héctor Serrano

Designed by students of the Master in Product Design at the UCH-CEU.


Frombitstoatoms aim is to explore the impact of the 3D printers in our everyday life. A design company that do not provide products but the data of the products. We design and the user manufacturers using a 3D printer. We are committed to create well designed and affordable objects, this is why all products are designed to be print in a conventional filament 3D Printer, the most popular and affordable printers.  All the objects are available to download online and printed anywhere in the world, which means no logistics, storage or transport.


The project questions the way we design, manufacture and market an object: the user no longer buys the physical object, but the information to print it, being able to modify it, personalize it or simply print it as its author designed it.This means a re-consideration of the business model, a new way to design and consume products. From the designer directly to the user no middle man.

Frombitstatoms is not an open platform but a design company with a well crafted art direction that work with designers to create intelligent and simple solutions both functional and emotionally attractive.