Héctor Serrano | Design for Protest
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Design for Protest

A project directed by Héctor Serrano

Designed by students of the Master in Product Design at the UCH-CEU.


The general level of discontent caused by the current economic crisis has given rise to numerous protests all over the world. This might be a good time to address the issue of demonstrating from the perspective of design to help communicate messages more effectively.


The students have created a series of effective and functional alternatives so that anyone who is interested in demonstrating can get their point across in a quick, easy and affordable way.


Designers: Amaia Agirrebengoa, Puy Alonso, Amparo Banaclocha, Manuel Bañó, Enrique Beneyto, Hilario Bueno, Ana Castillero, Nicolás Castro, Alejandro Dasí, Victor Díez, Alba Domenech, Amaia Echavarria, Patricia Elena, Nuria Fernández, Juanma Gallego, David Galvañ, Silvia García, Agustín García, Elisa Gómez, Gloria Gómez-Lechón, Carmen Guijarro, Ana Hospitaler, Laura Inigo, Laura Jiménez, Maria Kim, Cristina Llin, Borja López, Mariola Martinez, Francisco Merino, Jorge Mora, Juan Muñoz, Miguel Pérez, Tamara Ramos, Victor Ruiz, Dana Saiz, Maria Salar, Raquel Sotomayor, Julia Teba, Tono Tormo, Sara Valero.