Héctor Serrano | Tierra
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Faro Barcelona, Works


Tierra, Mar and Aire aims to exemplify the necessary step towards circularity and the urgency of considering our relationship with the planet. A collection of luminaires 3D printed on a large scale with 100% recycled and recyclable bioplastics and plastics.


The Tierra luminaires are made of a bioplastic formed by PLA and cellulose, a biodegradable and compostable material of vegetable origin. Three models evoke the shapes of bees’ nests in a subtle and synthetic way, a reference to the important role of pollination as a natural phenomenon that protects biodiversity. Their random, matte texture gives them a handcrafted feel close to paper or terracotta. A way to show its character of digital craftsmanship, contrasting additive technology with traditional craftsmanship.


Photo: Javier Marquez

Video: Farra__Visual