Héctor Serrano | Welcome Back
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TFL, Works

Welcome Back

Transport for London


Collaboration: Enrique Miñarro, Joaquín García and Javier Esteban

Award: 2nd Prize in the the New Bus for London competition organised by TFL.

‘Welcome back’ represents the evolution of the iconic Routemaster. An innovative vehicle combining the best of the past with the best of now. A unique bus tailored to London. A brand new London classic that retains the much loved friendly and warm feeling of the Routemaster. A compact bus for a compact city: it’s shorter than the orignial and has a small wheelbase which means it can move easily around London’s narrow streets. One of the most characteristic features is the diagonal window that visually enhances the stairs which are an integral part of the Routemaster’s iconic design. To improve safety we incorporated a lighting system into the floor of the rear entrance platform that informs passengers and vehicles when the bus is about to move. This is a truly sustainable vehicle using a Hybrid Diesel-electric Drive System. Its smaller size also means less weight so less fuel consumption is required and less exhaust emissions are produced.