Héctor Serrano | Mareta
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Mareta is not just any outdoor armchair. It invites you to relax unconventionally. How? In a simple and natural way, it allows you fall into its soft ergonomic structure that instantly engulfs you. The best thing about it? It is a treat that you can share with whoever you want.
Inspired by geometrics, the Mareta armchair is designed to adjust to the body in relaxation through a unconventional combination of curved and straight lines that make up the entire piece. In fact, this creative, minimalist-looking furniture has no armrests, allowing endless relaxing positions without hindrance. The Mareta armchair is soft in appearance, but maintains its rigidity allowing maximum comfort. It is made with outer fabric and filled with polystyrene beads coated with water repellent fabric. In addition, the upholstery is removable, making it easy to change and wash.
Beyond your comfort, the Mareta armchair is versatile and multipurpose, adapting to different outdoor environments and providing that aspect of spontaneity in its exterior design. It is available in several colours in plain fabric (white, red, grey, anthracite, blue, mustard, bronze and sand), in urban fabric (red, mustard, optical blue, capri blue, ocean blue, lime green, mint green) and now also in hexagon fabric (pink, red and grey) – which one is best suited to your home?