Héctor Serrano | Agasallo
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a by Arturo Álvarez, Works


Agasallo is the result of our continuous experimentation with the a-emotional light’s emblem material: molded and hand-painted metal mesh. An experimentation that aims to understand the material and its properties by letting it be the protagonist.


The Agasallo shape arises from a simple gesture: from a cylinder we pass a thread through various points and when stretching, the points come together, forming natural and soft curves generated by the tension of the material. The shape is not forced, but arises spontaneously, this spontaneity gives the piece an organic and suggestive beauty that is emphasized by the contrast of light.


There is something extraordinary when a material is given freedom to express itself and this is precisely what happens in Agasallo.


Agasallo, means “gift” in Galician. Its shapes and its hand painted generate unique light effects that are projected into the space creating a unique atmosphere. Available for indoor and outdoor in four pendant sizes, which can be combined at different heights creating multiple compositions. Agasallo is, without a doubt, a gift for the senses.