Bread exhibition in Milan

The project “Our Daily Bread” designed by CEU students will be exhibited from 29th Oct at Panino Giusto Academy in Milan. (Via Pompeo Leone 2)

Lecture and workshop in Galicia

The DAG (Asociación Galega de Diseñadores) has invited us to participate on “FEED (Foro de Edición e Deseño, 2013)” That will be held on 18th and 19th October in the city of Santiago.

TAPAS at Tokio Designers Week

We will take part in TAPAS exhibition. Organized by AC/E and curated by Juli Capella within the frame of “Tokyo Designers Week”, from 26th October at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo.

VLC Souvenir Exhibition

A collection of souvenirs that question the stereotyped perception of this objects as "Kitsch". Designed by CEU students. Friday 12th July 20h. Lanube, c/Sevilla 25 Valencia.

The Dome at Coachella Festival

Back from our last adventure in Coachella Festival, California. Around 1000 balloons to create a 13 metres high lighting installation: The Dome

Water for Thought at Roca London Gallery

Curation and Design of "Water for Thought". Exhibition promoted by Roca (We Are Water Foundation). From 25th January at Roca London Gallery.

Public Vote Winners

Our souvenir for Vienna was the public favourite at the "Vienna Home Run" competition organized by the Tourist Board.

Sail for GAN

New pouf for GAN has been presented on the new catalogue.

Desktructure for Seletti now on the shelves

A warehouse, ship or city on your desk to stay uncluttered. Desktructure was launch in New York, Milan and Paris by Seletti

New gadget for Doreamon

We have been invited to create a new gadget for the Japanese anime cartoon Doreamon. It will be shown, as a real object, on the exhibition "100 years before the birth of Doreamon" in Hong Kong, from August till September.

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